H. Guttulatus AKA H. Ramulosus

The following information about the H. hippocampus was sent to us by one who has specialize in surveying them, and working with them for the last 8 years, Mr. Neil Garrick-Maidment. FishNth thanks Mr. Neil Garrick-Maidment for his contribution to the knowledge of this seahorse!

"H.guttulatus is found right along the south coast up the west coast past
wales right up to Scotland and then onto the Shetlands Isles and it is also
found all around Ireland. The only place we do not have sightings is on the
east coast. It is called H.guttulatus now as the name H.ramulosus (ramulosus means many small branches) has been changed.

The predominant colour is Olivey green although it varies considerably
throughout its range, which is from the British isles down the Bay of
biscay, through the Meditterranean and on into the Black Sea.
Fully grown they are up to 8 inches and the fry are approximately half an
inch.They have about 300 fry at a time after a 28 day gestation."

The former information provided to me about this seahorses is as follows:
H. guttulatus (was ramulosus) is usally 6-7". Their colors are: pale yellow, cream, olive green, or darkgrey colored. Sometimes they are two toned, with dark faces and light bodies. A relatively prickly seahorse with a long snout from the Mediterranean or English Channel, should be Ramulosus. (Hippocampus Guttulatus is an outdated synonym for H. Ramulosus, so if you see any photos or info on H. Guttulatus in the literature, they're actually talking about Ramulosus.) They come from the Southern Coast of the British Isles and up the West cost as far as North Wales! Possibly Ireland too. Common name is "Many Branched Seahorse".